Apr 24, 2013

House Hunters: The Wandering Edition - Ann Arbor, MI. - April 2013

I know I've mentioned it before, but just in case you're new, the Wandering family is moving HERE. In 7 weeks we will pack our things, load up our trucks, and roll just over 400 miles west, northwest. I honestly never thought I'd have a heavy heart leaving this place, but all of those emotions are for another time. Today will be FUN FUN FUN!!!

Wanna come house hunting with us?

Ann Arbor is one of the most crazy rental markets I've ever encountered.  Most rentals are never even listed. so it was KEY for us to find a great Realtor that we felt would be our eyes and ears.  For several reasons we knew we'd only be able to make 1 short trip so we needed someone that understood our needs and would help us make the most of a long weekend. 

Two weeks ago today our Realtor called and along with 7 other possible options there was a property that was about to go on the market that she felt would be perfect. Could we come now...?

So we packed up, jumped in the car, and hit the road. During the time it took us to get there; 2 properties rented, 2 said they wouldn't allow 2 cats, and 2 other were undecided on allowing pets. This left us 4 potential options and really only 2 for sure. So Here we go...

Our Wishlist
3 Beds, 2 Baths, allows cats, covered parking, dishwasher, washer/dryer, yard, and good size living space for inside play on cold days.

House #1:
3 Beds, 2 Baths, 100% pet friendly 1350 sq. ft
Great location near the mall and a few miles from the Hub's work. Newly renovated, very white, petite, and covered parking.  The price is at the bottom end of our range.


Living Room
(E is attempting to help with the finishing touches of the renovation.)

Dining Room - Walk out patio outside that sliding glass door

Master Bath (1)

Master Bath (2)

Master Bed (1)

Master Bed (2)

Laundry and HVAC closet

Bedroom #2 (1)

Bedroom #2 (2) w/ walk-in closet

Main Bath

Bedroom #3 (1)

Bedroom #3 (2) w/bi-fold door closet

Hall bedroom #3 (left) Bedroom # 2, bathroom and Master bedroom at the end of the hall and a small closet (right)

Entry: There's a coat closet and pantry on the left. The kitchen is to the right and the living room and dining room are behind the camera. 
So... I told you it was WHITE!!!

What do you think?  Should we keep it on the list? Stay tuned for
House # 2 and some Ann Arbor FUN!!!
House #3 and the A2 Fairy Doors
House #4 and Ann Arbor Fun with Friends

Till next time,
Bon Voyage


Lo said...

It is very bright white!

S.S. said...

ha! that is SO white. I always used to say everything is better white, but that is SOOOO white:)

Vicki said...

Always wanted a white kitchen. Thought I compromised by having darker flooring and cabinets. 5 kids later, wishing all surfaces were covered in mottled grey and brown!

Actually, now they are! LOL