Dec 30, 2015

Stitch Fix #19 - December 2015 - Knoxville, TN

Welcome to my last fix of 2015! This has been an amazing year not just for my wardrobe, but also in general.  Life's good! So lets jump right in...

This month I did't send a note to my stylist, mainly because things got super busy at my ouse as we hosted 14 for Thanksgiving. I'd been keeping my Pinterest "My Style Board" updated , and frankly, I just have a really good feeling about my newest stylist, Caroline, so I really just wasn't worried.
Hi Lili, Happy Fix Day! I'm so glad you lobed your last Fix and I had a wonderful time styling for you again today. I saw you had recently pinned a fitted navy dress, and I found a very similar Skies are Blue dress for you! This would look amazing with a denim jacket and the scarf you kept from your last Fix. I know you enjoy a good skirt and the MoVint skirt has the timeless style that you enjoy. Try the 41Hawthorn sweater with the skirt for a fun and preppy outfit! Throw on a pair of tights and ankle boots and you are set! You have both the Creative Commune Blouse and The Market & Spruce Cardigan pinned and I was able to find both of them for you today! Try the Creative Commune Blouse on with a pair of black pants and heels for a fun date night look. Have fun trying on all your new clothes! Take care, Caroline

41HAWTHORN Helix Pullover Sweater - Gray
Size: Just Right | Style: Love It | Price: Just right | Fit / Cut: Love It
This piece was an awesome pick by caroline.  I think she saw in my Fix Feedback how much I LOVED the 41HAWTHORN Helix Pullover Sweater I received last month in Navy and orange and she did EXACTLY what I do when I find a piece I love...

This sweater is so comfortable and soft and looks great with leggings, skinny jeans, and those amazing DEAR JOHN Marson Wide Leg Denim Trousers I received in my 16th Fix. And just for the sake of "honesty", I just MIGHT have worn it with a pair of pajama pants... I know, I lips that totally defeats the purpose of stitch fix, but as always, I'm keeping it real!

Anther thing I love about this sweater is that it's a little lighter color.  I've noticed that in the darker days of winter the colors seam to get so dull and dark.  Although i's gray, a neutral color, it somehow pulls off "bright".

CREATIVE COMMUNE Vandalia Shoulder Cutout Blouse
Size: Too Big | Style: Just Okay | Price: Just right | Fit / Cut: Just Okay

I need to start by reminding you that, as Caroline mentioned in her note, I asked for this blouse by way of my Pinterest "My Style Board" which is something that Caroline does really well. 
That being said, this blouse looked way better on the girl from my pin.
It looked odd on me and I don't care for the gather that caused the sleeve to be puff,
Definitely glad I got to try it on though.

MARKET & SPRUCE Margerie Stripe Dot Open Cardigan - Navy Blue
Size: Just Right | Style: Like It | Price: Just right | Fit / Cut: Like It
Even as I type I am on the fence with this cardigan.
Ultimately I'm not in love with this piece, but I could definitely see it working with my style as a layering piece!
and it will work with brown!

 Size: Too Small | Style: Like It Price: Just right | Fit / Cut: Like It
 The color was beautiful and very festive.  the material was really soft almost like velvet.  It had some beautiful detailing on the front 
 As Caroline suggested, I added that amazing gray 41HAWTHORN Helix Pullover Sweater some brown boot socks and my Frye boots and it was really a super cute dressy casual winter look.
I almost kept this skirt with the thought that it will fit perfectly after I loose 5 pounds and get my pre baby abs back...
But my baby is almost 2 and that just isn't how I want to buy a beautiful skirt!

SKIES ARE BLUE Zinna Faux Suede Dress - Navy Blue
 Size: Just Right | Style: Like It Price: Just right | Fit / Cut: Hate It

In theory this dress should have worked, but when it was on it just didn't. 
(excuse that belly, remember my "baby"'s age... I know...)
I do love that it was soft, but thats about it for this dress.

MARKET & SPRUCE Margerie Stripe & Dot Open Cardigan $68.00 - KEEP
41HAWTHORN Helix Pullover Sweater $68.00 - KEEP
CREATIVE COMMUNE Vandalia Shoulder Cutout Blouse $64.00 - SEND BACK
MOVINT Brooke Swing Skirt $74.00 - SEND BACK
SKIES ARE BLUE Zinna Faux Suede Dress $58.00 - SEND BACK
this fix was great because Caroline sent me pieces i pinned and is really paying attention to the looks i'm going for and what i'm asking for as well. just sometimes things look better in print than they do in person. thanks for a great fix!

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Till next time,
Bon Voyage! 

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