Nov 4, 2008

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!!!! - November 2008

WOW!!! I honestly thought this day would never come. The day we get to pick our poison. We get to make our bed so we can then lay down in them. This is the day we get to strike a match and then watch it burn. This is the day that we get to stand in line with perfect strangers and make small talk so that we can avoid talking about the exact thing that we have gone there to do. VOTE!!! I mean really theirs no excuse. If you don't like who's on the ballot, just write in who you think would do the best job!

You know I'm not sure why it has become the standard to not talk about who we have voted for. We talk about so many other inappropriate things.....? I'm not shy or embarrassed about the people I voted for! So why is it proper to keep it to myself?

I found out about three months ago that some of my friends were voting for “the other guys” and from that point forward my mission in this whole monkey debacle was clear. I must bring to the table… or booth as the case may be in some counties… four brand new voters that way their votes would cancel out those four people. Let’s just say…


And a BIG YAHOO to those four brand new voters and really to whomever actually got out there and exercised their civic duty. I so wish that they gave out stickers or buttons at the voting centers. Like my friend Rebecca here, I would wear mine with PRIDE!!! My philosophy is that if you don’t vote at all, you don’t get to complain when things start sucking, and really isn’t that the best part…!


Till next time,
Bon Voyage!


Mano Rennt said...

Good job! That's the only thing that anyone can do that's totally and unquestionably patriotic: VOTE.

- M

Thomas said...

They give out I VOTED stickers with America flags at my voting place. I would wear it, but I'm a socialist ;)

Sarah :) said...

ET didn't like some of the people on the ballot so he wrote in Bob the Builder, Kermit the Frog, and The Red Power Ranger. No joke. I hope that lets Memphis know some of the people the vote for are as silly as cartoon characters.

sara waynick said...

CHRIS WAYNICK for President!!!!!!!!!!!!!!