Nov 24, 2008

The Things Kids Say – Raleigh, NC - November 2008

Note to Reader: Another installment of fantastic material gathering. You again have the Hub to thank for this little golden nugget. I’m just the story teller.

So there he was, on the shuttle from the airport, quietly minding his own business. He is very much a people watcher, as am I, so I am imagining that he is happily taking in the people on board the bus, business travelers, families, couples, and generally folks from all walks of life, when from the back of the bus he hears the voice of a teenage boy.

Boy: “Dad do you have a dollar?”

The Hub didn’t think too much about it because kids ask their parents for money all the time. The conversation continues…

Dad: “What do you need a dollar for??"
Boy: “To tip the driver for carrying our bags.”

The Hub was surprised, and thought to himself, these parents are doing a good job, but as always, the conversation continues…

Dad: “No!”
Boy: “Why not?”
Dad: “Because this is a FREE service. It’s his job to carry our crap!”
Boy: (said loud enough for the whole bus to hear) “Why are you such an A&% HOLE? You haven’t tipped anyone the whole time we’ve been gone!”

I can only imagine that there was a swift pop to the back of this kids head for what he said, but I’ll never know because I wasn’t there.

But, in all seriousness, this kid had a point. When someone carries your bag, ESPECIALLY when they look like they are eighty-five years old and just might crumble under the weight of your souvenirs, shopping, and eight extra pairs of shoes (because you couldn’t bare to leave any behind… just in case!) Don’t forget to tip, because he DOESN’T have to carry your CRAP!

Till next time,
Bon Voyage!


Mano Rennt said...

Isn't there a say or something like that that says "children are wiser than men"? :)

- M

In Response to the Everyda Mundane... said...

Holy Moly!! Ok so I know that you already read this to me, but DANG!! It's still hysterical! Even more funny that the HUB is looking out for exciting blogging material for you, whether he realizes it or not!!