Nov 16, 2008

My Sabbe Chic Original - November 2008

Note to Reader: Okay I have been trying to post this for a week, but due to computer problems, I have been hindered to say the least!

So, about a week ago I went to meet a friend for free Starbucks coffee and was surprised with my very own Sabbe Chic Original bag!!! Totally made my day… Week… Month!!! But I must say, when you aquire a Sabbe Chic Original hand bag, really your trouble has just begun. The decision of what to put in this Sabbe Chic Original bag is HUGE. You are so proud of it that you want people to see it, but you also don’t want to look like you are bragging… (when you actually are! =)…) So here’s my story!

First of all, upon receiving the OH SO BEAUTIFUL bag. I promptly returned to my office and SPEED DIALED my Hub. The conversation went a little something like this…

Wandering Lili: “HUB GUESS WHAT!!! GUESS WHAT!!!”
Hub: - (phone three feet from his ear) “What?”
Wandering Lili: “I just met Mrs. Sabbe Chic for coffee at Starbucks and…”
Hub: “Did you pay $8 for a cup of Carmel Apple Cider!?”
Wandering Lili: “No it was Iced Tea and it was free because I voted… Anyway… I just met Mrs. Sabbe Chic for coffee at Starbucks and I am now the PROUD owner of a Sabbe Chic Original!!!”
***Pause for effect***
Hub: “What is that?”
Wandering Lili: “It’s a bag… A VERY pretty bag, with striped fabric in the inside and rick rack!”
Hub: “What’s that?”
Wandering Lili: “hmmm… “Well it’s kind of hard to describe it’s like… fabric on top of the regular fabric that looks like a lot of M’s all strung together.”
Hub: “Like zig zags?”
Wandering Lili: “Yes like Zig zags… sort of…” (I say while examining the BEAUTIFUL rick rack on the sides of the bag… tracing each zig and zag.) Oops… did I type that out loud…
Hub: “Well that’s good. What are we having for dinner?”

That afternoon, I showed ALL my co-workers who promptly asked where they could purchase a Sabbe Chic bag. And me replying … “Well I’m not sure, I’m personal friends with the
designer…” (I have ALWAYS wanted to say that!!!)

Then at the end of the day I collected my things and went home to try to decide what to put inside my new bag!!!

As I said, this was NOT an easy decision, but as always, with most
big decisions, I had help! Let me introduce you to my assistants.

Mal - Expert on all things pertaining to bags.

Kitty Sticks - Pretty much the boss of everything (especially the Bag expert).

Together, while the Hub cooked dinner (Curry Rice with veggies
and shrimp) the three of us got busy figuring this one out.

I thought first about using the bag for my bible study things: books journals, pens, and McDonald's happy meal toys., but upon picking up my current bible study bag I quickly realized that the stuff inside would be too heavy for the Sabbe Chic bag.

The Second thought was as a every day purse
, but this idea was quickly nixed because my Sabbe Chic bag is a pretty big bag and would afford WAY too much room to haul things around. As far as purses are concerned, if I carry one at all, I really like to keep it simple wallet keys chap stick and cell phone... you get the picture.

Sitting on the side of my bed completely perplexed about what to do, in jumped my assistants... LITERALLY.

Mal: "WoW Mom this is Awesome! A Sabbe Chic Original Cat
Carrier. It has a pocket and it comes with... Ooooh... Magical
Powers!!!" (Check out those eyes!!!)

Well not to be out done, Kitty Sticks had to try

Kitty Sticks: "Mommy, if he gets a Sabbe Chic carrier, I want one too! This pocket would be perfect for treats
and theirs a ton of room in here for toys!"

Hmmm... good thought, but the practicality of this idea really isn't there.

Think, think , think...

And then it occurred to me... I knew exactly what I would put in this rockin' bag!!!

I dashed from
the room, to return about 30 seconds later with two XXX Mart bags (I know... shame on me, but they make for great pooper scooper bags, so I've always got a few around) containing my newest hobby, crocheting!!!

I layed all of my materials out on the bed, looked them over once, then twice to be sure, and started packing the bag.

Kitty Sticks: "Look mom, your hook things would go great in the treat pocket!"

Mal: "And all this yarn fits perfect
in here!"

So there it hangs, My Sabbe Chic Original bag, on the closet door, containing all of my Crocheting needs, ready for use at a moments notice. And really it's totally fitting that my crafty stuff goes in a bag made by such a crafty person! Thanks Mrs. Sabbe Chic!

Till next time,
Bon Voyage!


Sarah :) said...

I'm still so jealous. I need a cute bag to carry my crocheting in! Love you :)

Mano Rennt said...

Your story made me laugh and laugh and laugh :) it's sooooo cool that you have now such a nice bag :)

Stephanie Sabbe said...

I could not think of a better way to use the bag...crafts or them both!

Thomas said...

I never thought this day would come!