Mar 28, 2010

A Little More Belly - Baltimore, MD - March 2010

So even though he or she is measuring a little small, we're both growing like weeds. We get more ultrasound pictures in a couple of weeks so that will be fun, but in the mean time here's a couple of pics to tide you over.

My Sister Lo (the pretty one on the Left) threw us a baby shower while we were in Memphis about a month ago. It was so much fun. My little sister Suze was able to be there (she's the beauty to my right), and some of my very best friends were there.

Cozy and Jen from Side By Side Memphis came. Love them! Love Them!! LOVE THEM!!! And my friends Ashley and Anna also came and they made OH SO YUMMY food!!! I haven't gotten all the pictures back so as soon as I get them I'll put more up.

Me at 27 weeks after we got back from Memphis

28 Weeks (Yes, I love this shirt... apparently more than I realized.)

and this is me last week at 29 weeks.

I've finally reached the point where people do come up to me and try to touch my belly (pretty creepy) and the baby is constantly moving. It's absolutely wild! I can't wait to meet this little one!

Till next time,

Bon Voyage!


Sara W said...

are you sure there's a baby in there?? lol! you're so tiny still!!!

Sarah :) said...

LOVE IT!!! Wish I was watching you grow in person, but this will do. You take care of yourself and babysticks! Love you :)