Mar 27, 2012

Randomness: A Tents, A Rug, Pots and Pans, and Secret Drawers - Baltimore, MD - March 2012

These are a result of iPad surfing during middle of the night feedings with sweet MJ, who is A MONTH OLD today! Her check up is Saturday so stay tuned for her new and improved stats.

I saw this on a friends blog the other day and it made me want to go right to Home Depot and a fabric store to build this in the girls room.

This would go great under my new dining room table... More on this SOON!

For a girl that LOVES order in the midst of craziness. I WANT THIS!!!

And for all my fellow apartment dwellers... Here's to not wasting an inch of space!

Till next time,
Bon Voyage!


cile said...

I love the 2 kitchen pics. We are talking about a big messy renovation and the first to go will be the corner lazy susan where all the lids are hiding from me right now.

Amy E said...

I want a teepee in my house!!!

I actually have been coveting those mosquito covers that go around your bed like a princess. Just dont' know if the hubby will go for it.