Mar 13, 2012

Welcome Home Baby Girl - Baltimore, MD. - March 2012

Two weeks ago  yesterday, in a flurry of excitement, we welcomed sweet baby MJ into the world.  
We are all so happy she is here.  She is healthy, happy, and an absolute joy!
Born February 27th at 5:23pm
Weight: 6lbs 4ozs
Length: 22 inches
The story of her arrival is an emotional one for me to tell because nothing went as we'd expected or planned.  A situation that seamed and felt completely routine turned on a dime, leaving both of our lives in the hands of our Lord and the care of our doctors.  I'm working to get it all down as accurately as possible so give me a bit of time.  I'll preface it all by saying it is one of the most frightening moments of my life and has given me a new appreciation for the fragility of life and the ability to overwhelmingly love someone you've only just begun to know.  I have also been humbled by the support of our friends and loved ones, as they support us and share in our joy!

Till next time,
Bon Voyage


threetenpennys said...

Sweet MJ! We're so glad you're here!!! :)

Amy Ogles said...

Congratulations! The excitement of a new baby in the house : ) Hope she is being good for you.

Amy E said...

So happy she is here! Love the name! Love always to you guys.

Thelma Dixon said...

Jeremy and Lily...She is so very HAPPY for you!!!! All my love to you I send!!!!!
Aunt Thelma