Oct 15, 2008

The Adventures! – October 2008

Note To Reader: Another intellectual journey follows… look out!!!

This was my first journey into the world of Mark Twain and my goodness, what an adventure it was. Two books that look into the minds of boys and show you some of the most untouchable social issues through their eyes. I caught myself on several occasions cupping my hand over my mouth at the language that they used, and then having to remind myself that these are very much period books and in turn what makes them great is that they are true to both the time they were written and the time the author is attempting to portray.

These books were laugh out loud funny, predictably unpredictable, and they make your heart melt all at the same time.

I found that I kept putting myself in Tom or Huck’s shoes (which most of the
time they weren’t wearing) and asking if I would… tell the sisters about the crooks or if I would run away to an island with my two best friends on earth only to find out that while I was away, my family planned my funeral. Their bravery was never thought out, and nor did they recognize it as such when they stumbled into it.

Not that you needed me to tell you, the millions of books sold does a completely wonderful job of it, but “Well Done Mr. Twain! Well Done!!!

Till next time,
Bon Voyage!


sanctifyingsarah said...

I read these books like a lifetime ago and was so excited when I got to move to the Mississippi River only to find out most people there had never seen the Pacific Ocean I was so used to!

Mano Rennt said...

When I was growing up, back in Mexico, there was a very popular animated series called "the adventures of Tom Sawyer". My sisters, brother and I grew up watching that on television. When I moved to Memphis almost 11 years ago, we all talked about what the Mississippi river and this area of the country looked like :)

Stephanie Sabbe said...

When are you going to be finished with your book?