Oct 21, 2008

Something You Should Never Do In Public… EVER!!! - Terrell, TX – October 2008

Note to reader: Okay… Today is LITERALLY my first day back on the road after about a 2 and a half month break and tonight at dinner, material just fell into my lap. It was like the gates of blogger heaven opened up and gave me the most excellent “Season Premier”!!! Better than Gray’s or The Office, or even the Closer or Bones.

So there we were enjoying our dinner, I guess there were about eight of us, filling our tummies with chips and salsa… (When close to Mexico, do as the close to Mexicans do… Best Guacamole I’ve had since at my sister’s last pool party). Anyhow, throughout dinner, we’ve observed a couple, particularly the young lady of the couple, at the table across from is who has consumed more than a hand full of margaritas. She is growing ever more friendly with the gentleman she’s with. Then, without warning, “The Dare” carries over the restaurant (or at least our general area and without much notice) this girl and her guy leap from the table and the following takes place.

Additional note to reader: I have covered the faces to protect all parties involved.

Yes that’s a high chair and yes she is at least 21 years of age… A GROWN WOMAN for goodness sake!!!

Yes that is the grown woman, with the aide of her man, attempting to climb into the high chair.

And yes, after much drama and trauma, and the removal and replacing of a four inch high healed boot, that is the same GROWN WOMAN lodged into said high chair!!!

I mean seriously, I don’t make this stuff up... It finds me!!!

Till next time,


Thomas said...

Texas is another planet. Please do not blend in so well with the locals that you start embarrassing as such in public.

p.s. this excludes piggy-back rides from co-workers.

Kristin said...

Sometimes I just wonder what in the world people think sometimes. That is just weird!

In Response to the Everyda Mundane... said...

oh...no...so strange. weirdo close to mexico people. Man you get the best material to work with!! Ugh, I'm' so freaking jealous!!!

Stephanie Sabbe said...

I wish I could see pictures. My work has somehow blocked photos on people's blogs or something is wrong (I always blame work) so I can't see:( I hope this isn't the end of my blogging career. My MySpace career ended the same way.

Lili said...

Thomas - You can count on me to keep it together

Kristin - You are soooo right... I couldn't resist blogging about it. kind of like your tree!

Suzie - Sometimes it's not so great when all the wierdos are in your pathk, but it sure does make for a good time talking about it later =)

Stephanie - Can you look at it at home? If not I'll e-mail you the pics.

Lo said...

TOO FUNNY!!!!! Thanks for the guacamole plug! =)

Mano Rennt said...

WOW! They say everything's bigger in Texas, including bigger embarrassing moments :) LOL

Cool blog entry :) I laughed LOUD!!! :)

- M

Sarah :) said...

That's AWESOME!!! You have the best luck finding goofy people. Why would someone ever do that?