Oct 13, 2008

Holy Bajolies!!! - Milan, TN - October 2008

Note to Reader: I have to give this blog a disclaimer… it contains complementary material about XXX-Mart!

On the way home from Clarksville yesterday I saw this sign and even though we had three quarters of a tank of gas we stopped and filled up. Seriously, how can you pass up gas under $3!

Even though I never imagined a time that I would cheer about gas being in the $2.80’s, yesterday was the day. Thank you XXX-Mart for having cheap gas I guess the power of the giant isn’t all bad. Or maybe it is and I am just turning a blind eye. Either way, $2.86 a gallon was something to write home about.

Additional Note to Reader: Totally off topic, you can see my new Old Navy hoodie in the reflection… So Comfy and $6.00 on clearance!!!

Till next time,
Bon Voyage!


Mano Rennt said...

Totally worth it!!! both the gas and the hoodie :)

Sarah :) said...

Funny! We were driving home yesterday and thought about doing the same thing!