Oct 19, 2008

More Fun Signs - October 2008

Note to Reader: I will be hitting the road again soon, so I will soom have more funny stories from the road, but for now, you're stuck with my silliness! =)

So here are some funny signs that I've encountered since my request for funny signage.

If you've been reading for any period of time you'll know that this sign holds a place in mine and my dear husband's heart.

It is the name of our 2005 Toyota 4 Runner, and it goes without saying that where ever this sign is located, it looks like their are a lot more where he came from.

I imagine Stephen King would say it has to be on TR-90 somewhere,, but my hub says it's got to be in Colorado or Montana.

I'm not sure, but think both are great guesses.

This one is a little more difficult, and I might need your help.

It could mean:
1. Beware of riding your bike with only one tire!
2. Look out for big old gaps in the road!

It looks like some punk on a one wheeled bike already hit this sign. Has anyone seen this sign before?

What the heck does it mean. Even if you don't know... take a guess... or make something up... that might be more funny!!! =)

Till next time,
Bon Voyage!