Dec 2, 2008

Wandering Hubby – Baltimore, MD – December 2008

Got a text from the Hub today with the below message. It made me laugh out loud!!! I couldn’t help but share. I honestly think this is more fun than Gossip Girl!!! (Not that I watch it… ummm… yeah… =)…)

“Baltimorians are so nice. Here is a nice man offering to wash windows for pennies outside my hotel window. “ – The Hub

The cool part about the Hub being on the watch for great blog material is that it's like being in two places at one time. Plus, I really think he’s better at this than I am.

Till next time,
Bon Voyage!


Mano Rennt said...

Excellent :) It reminded me of the streets of Mexico :)

Stephanie Sabbe said...

hey. Two things- Yes it's Saturday and that interview was actually in Chicago at the Merchandise Mart right there on Wacker. You should walk over there and see it while you are there. TONS of interior design stuff. It's the biggest building (most sf) in the US.

Sarah :) said...

Elliott is in Baltimore next week. They just keep missing each other.