Feb 27, 2011

Three Years! - Baltimore, MD - February 2011

Wow, I just realized that 3 years ago, after eating at Salt Grass Steak House, I posted my very first blog entry from a hotel room in Dallas, TX. And now, 162 posts later, it's really cool to look back and see the journey. The most I have ever posted in a month is 10 times and that happened twice, first in October 2008 and then again two months later in December 2008. The Longest I've gone without blogging in the last three years was 35 days, between November 20, 2009 "Most Girls Dream" to December 26, 2009 "So Much to Say".

I've seen a lot of bloggers come and go and sometimes I thought I might be one of them, but here I am. And although my content has changed a bit, I'm still here. There have also been a few fans that have faithfully followed my blog since the beginning and to you guys I say THANK YOU! Your comments have been AWESOME!

Just for fun, here are some of my favorite posts:

All the Hub Stories,
And looking back at my pregnancy is also fun.

I truly hope you've had as much fun reading as I have had writing, Here's to the next 3!

Till next time,
Bon Voyage!

1 comment:

Sarah :) said...

I can't believe it's been 3 years!!! So glad you starting blogging, but it is YOUR fault that I have one. :)