Feb 8, 2012

Here Comes the Snow... Maybe - Baltimore, MD. - February 2012

The year we moved to Baltimore it snowed over 80 inches.
(My friend Katie took the above picture)

The second year we were blasted with a storm that weighed in at 26.5 inches. It was the 2nd biggest snow storm in Baltimore's history.
(My friend Katie took the above picture)

So this year, so far, we've been a little spoiled.  No really substantial snow.  Now, only a week after the 2 year anniversary of what the news shows called "snow-mageddon", they are calling for 3 inches of snow.  I'm sort of laughing inside because of the previous 2 years snow totals.

So the Monkey and I headed out this morning to run a couple of our last few errands to prep for the arrival of "Little Sticks".  We left just affter 10am because I wanted to get back well before the estimated start time of the "storm".  The more places we went the more tickled I got at how the people of our city prepare for the snow.  I thought you guys might get a kick out of it too.

First stop the bank...

Pick up truck converted to snow plow...

The snow is big business around here.


Second stop was Goodwill (part of my industrial nesting has been closet and dresser drawer purging).  There was nothing out of the ordinary there, but on our way to our next stop we saw the infamous "lawn chair in the parking space".

(I couldn't get a picture, but this was from the last storm.  Basically it's people saying "Hey, I shoveled it, so it's mine!")

Then on the way home we saw this...

The Hub and I call this the "Baltimore Wiper Blade Snow Salute".  This is what it looks like after the snow.

I still have yet to understand why people do this.  If you know, please inlighten me.
My hope is that these guys can get out there and people stay out of their way so they can clear the roads, and the Hub can get home and join the Monkey and I for dinner; lasagna, salad, and garlic bread.  Yum yum!!!

Till next time,
Bon Voyage!


Anonymous said...

If you ask me, bring on the 26.5 inches! I've missed the winter wonderland this year.

Sweetlove said...

Good luck in snowmaggedon. I guess they stick up the wipers so they don't get frozen on?

Sweetlove said...

Good luck during snow-maggedon. I guess that they put the wipers up so they don't get frozen onto the windshield and break?

Lo said...

If you are planning to have little sticks in a hospital, please get a truck plow :)
Aunt Lo

Megan said...

I am so glad it didn't snow last night! I can't believe someone put a lawn chair out yesterday. So funny.

Anonymous said...

girlfriend, when your wipers freeze to your windshield it is super hard to get them off. You raise them so once you clear the snow, you are good to go.