Feb 26, 2012

Father Daughter Night - Baltimore, MD - February 2012

First off, I really have a feeling that the baby is coming soon, meaning the next couple of days. I have no scientific evidence to back it up, it's just a feeling. That having been said, I wanted to let you know that if I disappear off the planet for a week or two, that's what's happened, but I WILL BE BACK with lots of pictures and stories of "Little Miss MJ" or "Little Man J".

Yep, after 40 weeks of waiting the gender is still a surprise!

Also I have a GIANT announcement about an amazing thing that is going to be happening right here on this blog over the next few months!  We're talking MAJOR!!!

And now, on with the show!

Wednesday night at our house is "Father Daughter Night". I have a regular meeting on Wednesday evenings. A few Wednesday's ago, because of the weather, I had the privilege of being a fly on the wall for this house hold favorite.
I normally leave our 21 month old daughter home with daddy and just hear about their adventures when I return. From the stories, it’s my understanding that dinner kicks off the night. On the menu, our little lady’s favorite, breakfast for supper; pancakes with syrup, scrambled eggs with cheese, and ice cream with chocolate sauce for dessert. Everything, except the ice cream of course, was prepared on the griddle. It was fun to see them chatter back and forth over the kitchen island while my husband made dinner. I love that about 70% of their conversation was in a language all their own and when the table was set, bibs were in place, and our short and sweet dinner time blessing was said, it became very clear that the reason she loves this meal so much is because on “Father Daughter night” she is allowed to eat it entirely by herself! What a mess, but they had a great time!

 The evening continued with a Beatles dance party...
With a few country favorites thrown in for kicks.
Then, as it gets closer to bed time, they slow it down and do a little "unplugged".

The best part of the evening is when she's in bed and the hub is settled in beside me on the couch. I can tell, without even asking that they've had a fabulous time and neither of them can wait till next week.

What a treat to be a part of their special night!

Till next time,
Bon Voyage!

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threetenpennys said...

That's so much fun!!! Don't be offline too long. We'll miss you! :)