Feb 3, 2012

Front Hall: Round 2 - Baltimore, MD. - February 2012

I originally put this hall together in September 2009 and documented it in THIS post.
 These days, our needs as a family are a little different:

  • A place to quickly hang coats and sweaters so they don't get thrown on the table or kitchen island.
  • A place to display rotating snap shots, thank you cards, baby announcements, wedding invites, etc.
  • A place for putting on shoes (putting shoes on toddlers and pregnant people isn't the easiest thing to do while standing).
  • A place to tuck our "regular" shoes and boots while not in use (If shoes are left out in the open,  Toddlers have a propensity to make one or both of a pair of shoes disappear.  This is the reason I own 4 pairs of almost interchangeable, identical black flip flops.)

Over the last couple of months I've been putting together a new vision for this little, but important space.  After 3 days of pulling nails, and screws, then filling the holes, and touching up paint on both walls, I put my plan in motion and completed it this morning just before lunch time.

A couple of things I've learned as a mom:

1.) it isn't the best idea to bang on walls while the wee one is sleeping.

2.) it's very important to remember that any project done with a toddler under foot is not going to be a quick undertaking, but tackling projects that involve a hammer and drill are best done while the little ones are awake.  I did do almost all the prep work during nap time.

One of my biggest problems with home projects is that I can't draw a straight line if my life depended on it.  I've tried one of those laser lights, but still manage to not get things quite right,  I do a lot better just eyeballing it and I'm, surprisingly enough, pretty accurate doing it this way. However, when dealing with an entire wall I don't always trust myself, so I figured out that if I stretch a piece of tape...
 Then check it with my iHandy Level app...
 Then stretch and adjust the tape until it's at 0.0.
 Then I know that everything I place on the tape line is straight and level.
 I got these 4 ribbon boards from Walmart about 2 years ago but this is the closest I could find on their site today.  Looks like they're $8 each.

The hooks are Lillholmen Hooks from Ikea that the Hub and I both liked.
 We also purchased this FIXA screw with plug set while we were there so we'd have everything we needed even if we weren't lined up with studs. (Also the hooks aren't sold with mounting screws)  

The Hub's dad made the bench when he was just a little guy! It's one of my favorite pieces of furniture in our house. 
(I love those tiny snow boots)

I'm also going to get a cool frame to hang my JDC Monthly art print and put that over the hooks but other than that it's done.  

There is also a mirror hanging on the adjacent wall which keeps The Monkey occupied while I'm putting her shoes on.
 (She just woke up from a nap in this picture so it's not one of the classic funny faces she makes at herself)

We're in the middle of a few projects right now: The children's room re vamp, an office nook project,, Pantry and storage closet re organization, and maybe one or two other small things.  My friends say my "nesting" instinct is Industrial sized!

Only 3 and 1/3 weeks till baby, so stay tuned, because there is lots more to come.

Till next time,
Bon Voyage!


Stephanie Sabbe said...

looks great!

Sarah :) said...

I LOVE it! The bench and hooks are my favorite. Ellie is such a cutie too! And her hair doesn't look so dark in this pictures! :):):)

Side By Side Baltimore - Prayer Requests said...

Looks great!

Stephanie said...

Love it! I recently hung hooks in inky entry way for the very same reason

Cile said...

Like this!

Megan said...

I love the hooks! I may need to make an Ikea run:)