Jun 22, 2012

City Girls For The Day - Baltimore MD - June 2012

We live in the burbs but some of our best friends live in the city, so we take every chance we can to jump on the metro and go urban.

Last Thursday we got to be city girls for the day when we headed down to Fells Point.

First off the weather was AMAZING and the streets were full of energy and people as the Baltimore Sailabration 2012 brought over a million people to our city and some pretty amazing "Tall Ships" too! 
Our final destination was Su Casa - Fells Point, but with so much going on we had to take in the sights, sounds and tastes of the city on our way.

With Katie and her girls as our Fells Point guides 4 mommies with 4 strollers, and a total of 6 children under 6, grabbed cheep and DELICIOUS pizza and found this great grassy place next to Su Casa and right on the water, so we ate our lunch...

Drank some pink lemonade...
And let the kids burn off some energy before we headed inside.

(A HUGE thanks to Pad for the use of their bathroom. Pad is Su Casa's sister store located across the street in Fells Point. They sell "clean, simple, modern design oriented furniture and thankfully understand that when a potty trained toddler has to go they have to GO!!!) 

(The Monkey... Always on her toes.)
(And sweet MJ hanging out in the lower stroller seat.)

The store was totally stroller friendly with a side entrance with a ramp and YES those are doggy water bowls out side the door because Su Casa is Dog friendly too!!!
There is a SUPER cute children's corner with books and stuffed animals that had me dreaming of decorating my girls' room.
Katie and I fell in love with some rugs! 
But THESE were what we were hunting; stylish, dishwasherable (Is that a word?) placemats!
Thanks again Jenni for all your help!

I also have my eye on a table runner made of rocks...
(There are place mats too, but I just want the runner.)

And I'm still in LOVE with THIS buffet to one day sit in the same room with OUR TABLE.
Days like this make me want to be a city girl more often!!!

Till Next time,
Bon Voyage!


Anonymous said...

First, I almost didn't recognize Ellie. When did they get so big?!?!?!

Second, definitely want to see this store when I come to visit!

Paradise in Burundi said...


cb said...

What a fun day! That store looks amazing!

Tong said...

So glad I joined you ladies for the walk that day. I'd never been to Su Casa. It has the neatest stuff. Too tempting!