Jun 18, 2012

Do you Believe In Magic? - Baltimore, MD. - June 2012

For the past month or so we've been testing and blogging about our new table from Su Casa - Baltimore as part of the Test it. Blog it. Win it. Contest.

So far we L-O-V-E LOVE love everything about it, but as I mentioned last week we'd run into a "dirty little problem". How to clean the table and keep it looking good, especially with a little one feeding herself at one end?
(Toddler YUCK!!!)

Well after spending a few days really thinking about it and trying a few different things, the answer presented itself in the form of the very toddler who's mess created the problem in the first place.

On Friday afternoon as I sat at the desk addressing MJ's birth announcements (only about 3 months late), the Monkey appeared next to me and began to doodle in Crayola on the wall. I sprang into action, going directly for my favorite tool for removing scuffs and other forms of "artwork" from the wall, the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser. As I gently scrubbed away her marks I could almost hear an audible "DING". I slowly rotated the white sponge in my hand and thought to myself, 'could the solution really be that easy''?
I jumped onto their web site to see if it was safe to use on wood? There, in the list of acceptable and tested surfaces it said "painted wood". Our table wasn't "painted", but it was finished so I did what every motivated cleaner should do, a test patch on the inside of one of the finished legs. a few hours later I checked and the table and it's beautiful finish were still in-tacked, so I moved on to the table top.

Going very slowly and gently, I began to wipe down the table top on the toddler's end. As I moved across that end, the crayon marks and food remnants literally began to disappear leaving behind nothing but a smooth and clean surface.

It REALLY was that amazing! 

In my fit of excitement I sent the following text to the Hub. 
(Apparently we made all sorts of great discoveries Friday day!)

All evening, every time I'd walk past the table, which was A LOT I kept saying to the Hub, I'm so excited" and "I can't believe I figured it out" and "this makes me so happy".  I'm pretty sure there was a bit of jumping around like a 12 year old at a Taylor Swift Concert and there was definitely some fist pumping.

NOTE TO READER: I used the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser ORIGINAL.

ADDITIONAL NOTE TO READER: This worked for us, but I can't guarantee it will work for your table also. The Mr. Clean Magic Eraser website only mentions "Painted Wood" not Finished wood, so PLEASE BE CAREFUL and do a test patch first.

Now that she's clean, lets dress her up and Make her SHINE!!!

Till next time,
Bon Voyage!


Scott and Whitney said...

Who knew!? So happy you found a solution!

Tong said...

What a brilliant idea. Mr. Clean Magic Eraser is one of those must-haves with a toddler in the house :)

Anonymous said...

So glad you found a solution! Great work! :)