Jun 21, 2012

Jenni & The Bees! - Baltimore, MD. - June 2012

I think I mentioned that in my quest to clean my table I contacted Su Casa and spoke to a young lady named Jenni...
(She so cute!!!)

My little ladies and I and a couple of our best girl friends here in Baltimore took a little field trip down to Su Casa - Fells Point last week to meet the young lady who'd been such a big help to us as we work through learning to take care of our new "Buster Dining Table". (More about that adventure tomorrow!)

The first time I talked to her she recommended this...
A product called Bee's Wax.

I thought it was one of those "nuts and berries", "fruit of the Earth" sort of things. I know, surprise surprise, WanderingLili the skeptic! And at just over $10 a bottle I just wasn't buying it! But as I struggled to find something to make my table clean and pretty, like it was when it was delivered to me I couldn't knock it until I'd tried it.

Let me tell y'all, my mind has been changed!
This stuff is the BEE'S KNEES!!!

After using the Magic Eraser to clean the mess off the wood and drying the table thoroughly, I sprayed a light layer of the Bees Wax over one end of the table.
I used a microfiber cloth,
(like one would use when cleaning car windows)

And going with the grain of the wood I worked it in with a little bit of Jenni's recommended "Elbow Grease". 
I worked my way around the table spraying as I went...
So it didn't dry before I got it worked in.
Stepping back after I was all finished, all I can say is... WOW!
See for yourself!
Not just nuts and berries, pansy, tree hugger wax! 
This is "I'll kick your A$$ if you try to get finger prints and Cherio crud on my table" wax!!! TAKE THAT!!!

Thanks Jenni!

Till next time,
Bon Voyage


Kyle Jon and Katie Sue said...

I may have to try it. Our table looks pretty rough. :) Loving the blog updates. Nice work.

tenpennyfamily said...

It's so pretty! It's pretty great that the employees are so helpful. Definitely makes me want to shop there! :)

Megan said...

This post made me laugh :)

Tong said...

OK. That is scarily awesome how well that Bees Wax works. It makes me want to go out and get a grown-up table just to use it :)

Lo said...

Oh, I LOVE new cleaning products!!! Great post!