Jun 30, 2012

A Look Back - Baltimore, MD. - June 2012

I could post about eating our family dinners around our dining room table, but I thought it might be more fun to take a look back at the last month at all the other stuff we did in, on, around, and under as we got to know Buster and the gang!
Game Night - Dominoes!!! We even have room for the Bone Yard!!!
Studying - Those books are heavier than both our children COMBINED!!! 
Mass Mailing - MJ's Birth Announcements (Only 4 months late now)
Dress Hemming - As our big girl grows we've had to adjust her Sunday dresses so as not to wear mini skirts in church! 
Sewing - I've had to make a couple of repairs to the edges of MJ's blanket and "Buster" gives me enough space to really spread out!
Doctoring Boo boos - We've had a lot lately as the Toddler is running, jumping, and climbing more than ever these days! 
A Changing Table - This was perfect for when MJ was still sleeping in her pack & play in the dining room.
Napping - It's also a great place for MJ to nap when I'm cleaning out and reorganizing, our closet, or other "bedroom stuff".
Playing Underneath - One of her new favorite places to play  and hide things like her shoes. 
Playing on Top - This has been a fun way to teach El her body parts! 
ALL this was done without the leaf in.  Just think we've got another 2 feet to work with and grow into!

This whole contest was about helping as many people as possible understand what it was REALLY like purchasing custom furniture from Su Casa and as I sat racking my brain last week on how I could best get my story out there I realized something, It's not just about me. Each of the bloggers in this competition selected different furniture to "Test" in their home. Each of those pieces had different options for customization and had a different road to travel to get to it's forever home. I mean The Baltimore Chop saw a chair he really liked and with some imagination and the folks at Pad, Su Casa's Super cute and modern sister store, they turned that chair into his dream couch. 

These blogs will forever be a living record of our experiences. They are proof of Su Casa's need to please EVERY customer they encounter and make their experience so good that they will return over and over no matter where life takes them. They want you to have such a fantastic experience that your friends are flocking in to add a piece of Su Casa furniture to their home like The IsKow Family's did. I can honestly say that after thoroughly reading my competitor's blogs over the last few months, I'd be floored if any of them decided to NOT purchase their test furniture. 

A year ago I'd never even heard of Su Casa, and here i am along with all the other contest finalists, with less than 24 hours to go, anxiously anticipating the end of this little "Test it. Blog it. Win it" contest we entered almost 6 months ago! And now, 14 blogs, a couple hundred posts, and hundreds more comments, Facebook "shares" and "likes", "Tweets", "Pins", and interviews with bigger more public blogs. We've done our part. We've all told our story of choosing, ordering, and living with our Su Casa furniture. If you'd never heard of Su Casa - Baltimore before, you know them now. You know their employees, you know their stores, you know their ducks and you know their customers. People like you, and me.  My bet is that you're falling in Love with them just like we have!

NOTE TO READER: Thanks so much for your support through these last few months. This has been more fun than I ever imagined it could be! Please believe me when I say that it's been amazing to see my blog traffic grow from 20-30 hits on my best days to 100+ hits a day with an all time high of 121 hits last Monday June 25th. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Tune in tomorrow when I post the winner of my Su Casa Duck GIVEAWAY as well as the winning blog in the Test it. Blog it. Win it. Contest.

Till next time,
Bon Voyage!!!

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Tong said...

Love all the uses you found for your awesome table! I especially like the game night :)