Jun 27, 2012

Your Picks GIVE AWAY: Let's Take a Peek Into the Bedroom - Baltimore, MD. - June 2012

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Shortly after we got married almost 7 years ago we happened upon an estate sale and purchased our bedroom set. It was the most wonderful find and for $550.00 it was a steel, especially for twenty something newly weds just starting out. Although we LOVE the set I can still remember our conversation as we attached the frame to the head board.

The Hub: "This will be great for our apartment days, but when we have a house this set will go in our guest room."
WanderingLili: "Why?"
The Hub: "Because I wanna get a KING bed."
WanderingLili: "Why?"
The Hub: "You hog the bed."
NOTE TO READER: If you haven't seen me lately or ever, I'm seriously right at 5 feet and 110 lbs. In a "bed hog contest" I would, and DO, loose every time!!!
But I digress, as I scooted around Su Casa Baltimore's Bedroom furniture section of their website I fell in love with THIS!
(In fact, I LOVE the entire Shutter series!)

(Click HERE to see all of Su Casa's bedroom offerings.)

Just as with Living rooms there's a lot to choose from, but,

What piece of BEDROOM furniture would you have chosen to Test, Blog, and Win?

Till next time,
Bon Voyage!


Sarah Tenpenny said...

Honestly, I wouldn't have picked anything because I already LOVE my bedroom. But if someone was giving me free furniture, I think I'd pick the Claudia bed for the guest room. :)

Susan said...

I do really like that Shutter Poster bed, but not in love with the accessories - chest, dresser, night stand. However, I would definitely love to have the Fremont Sleigh bed and along with the 12-drawer dresser and those cute oval 2-drawer nightstands!

Rachel Kumpf said...

So, I'm kindof a Mission-Style tall bed kind of girl but for this exercise, I would have to go the complete opposite and try the Hido Platform bed. I love the chunky little legs and the night stand is super cute as well. I love the Asian inspired lines of this set.

Jamie said...

I love the Hido bed... and it's on sale right now!

Nikki said...

I love the Shutter Poster bed. And I love the accessories that go with it!! But I also like the Orsen bed. Not sure what you would put with it though.

Nikki said...

And I also was supposed to tell you that I an following your blog. I thought I already was but it let me pick it again so....I don't know!!

Sarah Quarles said...

I like the Hido bed, and the shutter bed. But the Hido bed is on sale right now... tempting! And I'm now following your blog.

Erin said...

For the bedding, I would go with either the Coco or Kirby. Have to see it in person! Love that shade of green though.

Erin said...

For the bedding, I would choose either the coco or kirby. I would want to see it in person though. Love the greens!

Scott and Whitney said...

I'm going to be a copycat and say the shutter poster bed. There is something so romantic about a 4 poster bed. I could definitely picture it in a house one day when we finally stop moving all the time.