Jun 29, 2012

Our Table: Falling in Love With the Details - Baltimore, MD. June 2012

Back in March, a week and a half after baby MJ arrived, 
with Pat V.'s help, we picked out our beautiful Dining Table from Su Casa - Kenilworth

Well, since it arrived in late march I've noticed a couple of design details that I hadn't noticed in the store. Subtle things that make me love it even more.

The Corners are just slightly rounded or bull nosed
and each place at the table is notched
I'm such a tactile person (some might call me a "toucher") and I've seriously fallen in love with the comfortable lines of this table. I love that there are no harsh corners to deter us from leaning in to talk at the end of the night when the kits are in bed and we're having a glass of wine and reflecting on our day.

One of the reasons we liked this table so much in the store was that it would easily seat 8 to 10 people one day, but I'm surprised at how it has a way of embracing us and being way more intimate than I ever thought it could be.

Of course the Hub said he'd noticed these things while shopping and they were the reasons he liked the table so much. I'm pleading Baby Brain and HEAVY pain killers, and he says that he's "glad one of us was paying attention". Ha ha ME TOO!!!

Till Next time,
Bon Voyage!

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Tong said...

Those details are the things which "kick it up a notch" and make such a simple design so elegant. Love it.