Jun 29, 2012

Your Picks GIVE AWAY: Lets Get to WORK on the Office - Baltimore, MD. June 2012

This was our second choice when it came to this Test it. Blog it. Win it. Contest. Since our office became our sweet girls' bedroom our "office" and everything that goes along with it was relocated to our dining room. We've put a few things in place to make it look less crazy, but it's still a space that feels like it has Multiple Personality Disorder.

Similarly to the Bar Category, what is listed on line hardly scratches the surface of what Su Casa offers in the way of office furniture. There are more in the "Photos" section of the Su Casa Facebook Page

I found OUR PICK listed in the "WALL PHOTOS" 
It's called The Pivot Desk

I think we'd need the Sequel Multi-function Cabinet for additional storage.
(Click HERE to see Su Casa's Online Office furniture options)

This is the LAST chance to enter to win a Su Casa Baby Duck.
For each category that you post your favorites in the comments section of that day's post you'll get one entry for the Duck GIVE AWAY. 5 Days, 5 Chances to enter to WIN!

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NOTE TO READER: If you missed the first 4 chances to enter, click the links below:

What piece of Office furniture would you have chosen to Test, Blog, and Win? 

Till next time,
Bon Voyage!


Nikki said...

Going strictly by the website, I like the Sequel Compact desk and the file cabinet that goes with it. I'm not sure I would like the Hido chair with it, since online it's the only one listed. But the bookcases!! I love the tall Batavia bookcase, but I would prefer it in the dark wood that is in the pic of the low one. But then I also love the Eileen shelf. However with two toddlers, it's not very practical. I love the neat little Bento box and the other fun lunch things they have listed. So much fun!! On a completely different note, I want you to know that I have enjoyed this little contest you have given us, and also the whole big contest itself. It has been so much fun looking at all the furniture!!

Susan said...

I really would love to have a writing desk and the closest thing I see is the Xela console desk. It's pretty compact, but I think I could make it work. I think the style of your new chairs would look great with it, too.

Have a great weekend and thanks for the opportunity to 'shop'!!

Sarah Tenpenny said...

I think I'd like the Batavia Bookcase. :)

Scott and Whitney said...

I would choose the sequel compact desk and file cabinet. It's almost like the IKEA table we are currently using as a desk but a lot more stylish.

Tong said...

That Pivot Desk is awesome! My boys would totally love it. Wonder why it isn't on their website and only on the wall photos of their Facebook page. Still deciding on the best chair to go with it :)

Megan said...

I love the Batavia Bookcase.