Jun 25, 2012

Two A Days & Another Duck GIVE AWAY!!! - Baltimore, MD. - June 2012

For the last few months I've been talking a lot about this BEAUTIFUL table we're testing from Su Casa - Baltimore as part of the "Test it. Blog it. Win it." contest.
Well there's only 5 days left, so we're in the final push, the home stretch, the 4th quarter, the 9th inning (or if you're the Baltimore Oriels these days, the 10th, 11th or 12th inning), and isn't that when most GREAT games are won!? And the competition is TOUGH!!! So to take it up to the next level you'll see 2 big things this week.

FIRST, I'll be posting at least twice a day from now till Friday. There's just so much great stuff to talk about, I wanna make sure I cover it all.

SECOND, another Su Casa Duck Baby is up for grabs in a little contest I like to call "Your Picks". Since March I've been talking about what the Wandering Family chose to test in our home, now I wanna know what YOU would have chosen to test in YOUR home. Each day this week we'll look at one of Su Casa's 5 major furniture categories; 

I'll pick our favorites and you can pick yours. It's not as easy as it looks!

For each category that you post your favorites in the comments section of that day's post you'll get one entry for the Duck GIVE AWAY. 5 Days, 5 Chances to enter to WIN!

(Lets keep it simple)
1.) Subscribe to this blog using the "Join This Site" button to the right.
2.) Post about this GIVE AWAY on your Blog, Facebook, Twitter, and/or Penterest Be sure to let me know in your comments below which you've done.

As you know, we chose the 

but there's so much amazing stuff to choose in dining including a ton of buffet's and storage options that I've only just scratched the surface on. Check out more of Su Casa's Dining furniture offerings HERE and let me know in the comments what you'd have chosen to TEST, BLOG, and WIN..

NOTE TO READER: It doesn't matter where you live ANYONE can enter! ESPECIALLY Su Casa and Pad Employees, because Aren't you guys some of their BEST customers?

Till next time,
Bon Voyage


Sarah Tenpenny said...

This is SO FUN!

I would definitely get the Boulder Sideboard and the Buster 60" Round Pedestal Table. The chairs are a little more tricky. Love the shape of the Bentley and Charlotte, but would pick a different print for the fabric. I think these would make a perfectly sophisticated rustic dining room once paired with a few of my own special touches.

Maybe one day, I'll be able to buy these things for my house! :)

Susan said...

Wow - you were right about this being hard to decide! I think I would choose the Hermitage Sectional, though. I've been wanting a sectional sofa for a long time and I love the options that you could get with it. I'd like to have plenty of seating, but I also like the idea of the chaise at the end. I would definitely choose another color than the white one shown, but I love the style!

I'm already a subscriber to your blog and I love what you've been posting about your table and chairs! My husband is a firm believer in the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser!!!

Marriah Mabe said...

Oh! Hard to choose between the Dover Large Sideboard and the Batavia Low Bookcase. I definitely need some storage in my dining room... and could then shop for some great accessories to go on top!

Marriah Mabe said...

I'm already a follower of your blog, Ms. Lili!

Marriah Mabe said...

I also posted a link to the contest on Pinterest!

Sarah Tenpenny said...

Shared it on FB

Rachel Kumpf said...

I would go with the Batavia Low Bookcase! Hopefully the doors would keep my super exploratory rambunctious 2-year out of the great yard sale / antique store / and other various treasures I have collected over the years. All of them would look great in this perfect piece! I even have an open wall in the dining room to put it. And a Su Casa Baby Duck would be the crowning jewel on top! Super cute! Hopefully, my facebook share will bring more comments to your Duck Giveaway.

Stephanie Sabbe said...

love and hope you win! I will post to FB!! and Twitter!

Lo said...

I'm in love with the Bella Sectional with the chaise and then an ottoman. I SO NEED new living furniture. That sectional measures in a way that my long den could accommodate and the ottoman would function as a coffee table or extra seating as needed... I'm getting it :)

Anonymous said...

Batavia bookcase...regular or low. So pretty. Posting a link on fb. Love ya. Robyn

Nikki said...

So, I agree with the Buster table with straight legs. It would be my choice as well. But I think I would go with the Valencia chairs with the Yaris Brown fabric. I would also have to have the Dover small sideboard. Beautiful stuff!! And so hard to choose!!

Jamie said...

I love the Charlotte dining chair... we need two more chairs to complete our set and the Charlottes would be beautiful at either end of the table

Erin said...

I would choose the Buster table with turned legs!