Jun 27, 2012

Ours - Baltimore, MD. - June 2012

We ordered our dining room furniture from Su Casa back in March and tonight, almost 4 months later, when I came home from my Wednesday night bible study and saw Oliver... 
(Yep the new chair's name is Oliver, more names coming soon.)

Sitting in his place at the head of the table, for the first time since that cold and windy trip to Su Casa - Kenilworth, I really felt like I was walking into our dining room with OUR furniture. It's sort of funny what the presence of one chair can do. I can't explain it, but I just felt like the gang was all here; I felt like it was OURS!
Welcome home Oliver!!!
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Till next time,
Bon Voyage


Megan said...

Love the addition of the placemats!

Tong said...

You know, I'd never thought about this before, but...six chairs around the table really does make a BIG difference. Looks great with the place mats!

Sarah Quarles said...

That is a lovely table. Welcome home, Oliver!